IGT - International Glazing Technologies

Frameless Exterior Glazing Solutions

IGT brings you the latest in frameless exterior glazing concepts from Dorma of Germany including building facades and entrance solutions. Dorma's highly-engineered range of stainless steel fittings such as spider assemblies and point fixings allow for maximum creative flexibility while maintaining safety and structural integrity.

With Dorma's frameless exterior solutions you can push the boundaries of modern design and architecture to create unique and inspirational structures.

Dorma's fully spider fitting frameless glass curtain walls connect toughened glass together using various types of light steel structures and spider fittings to form breathtaking seamless façades.

Entrances are a critical aspect of building facades and must reflect the overall philosophy of the institution while providing excellent functionality. IGT provides frameless entrance solutions using Dorma's range of products including automatic doors, revolving doors, toughened glass assemblies, door controls and structural fittings for architectural glass facades.