IGT - International Glazing Technologies

Framed Exterior Glazing Solutions

IGT's advanced range of framed exterior glazing solutions include building facades, doors and windows, and entrance solutions using building systems from world leader Hydro.

Glazed facades have become the preferred choice for creating stunning modern buildings. IGT offers a range of curtain walling and structural glazing solutions using visible or invisible aluminum members to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Our structural glazing solutions based on cutting-edge technology from Wicona of Germany allow you to create impressive all-glass facades using an invisible mullion-transom load supporting structure. Such facades create stunning building elevations that have no profiles and only narrow silicon joints.

IGT also offers unitised facade solutions that minimize on-site installation time and cost through the factory prefabrication and assembly of glazed panels. The pre-assembly process eliminates delays caused by external factors such as weather and permits rapid and economical implementation for buildings of any size.

For external doors and windows, IGT offers Domal's range of cost-effective and aesthetic casement and sliding frame systems. For more demanding and innovative applications such as high-rise buildings, IGT brings high-tech solutions from Technal of France that meet European ETA and Initial Type Testing (ITT).