IGT - International Glazing Technologies

Framed Interior Glazing Solutions

IGT's range of framed glazing solutions for interiors combine striking aesthetics with outstanding functionality for a superior overall experience. Our range of interior glazing products includes fixed windows, side- and top-hung windows, vertical pivoted windows, partitions, single or double sash doors and swing doors. Our solutions provide the flexibility of using glass infill ranging in thickness from 5 mm to 26 mm.

IGT offers the Domal 40 range from Hydro which combines tradition with innovation. Domal 40 is a complete and versatile system that provides an excellent quality-to-price ratio and is ideal for hot climates such as India. The Domal 40 casement frame uses a double rebate gasket with profiles of small dimensions, allowing the creation of aesthetically lighter structures

We add further value to our range of world-class glazing products by offering the most comprehensive range of finish types and colors to match your design goals. Our array of finishes includes anodized metallic finishes, powder coated finishes using top-of-the-line guarantee powders from Akzo Nobel in RAL shades and texturized finishes, wood grained finishes from Décor of Italy using ink transfer technology and PVDF finishes from Akzo Nobel in custom colors.

To allow you get a first-hand feel or our range of products and finishes, we have created a exclusive display zone within our factory.