IGT - International Glazing Technologies

Technology Partners

From the very beginning, IGT's endeavour has been to identify and select the best in building systems technologies from around the world. IGT has partnered with Hydro of Norway, to offer the widest, most versatile and technologically advanced range of aluminium based building systems.

Hydro is the world's largest producer of aluminium based building systems and employs 19,000 people in 40 countries across all continents. It is a part of the Hydro Norsk Group, a Fortune 500 corporation established in 1905, with annual turnover of over US $25 billion. IGT offers Hydro's range of building systems include the Domal from Italy, Technal from France and Wicona from Germany, and cover every type of project from single home residential solutions to large-scale commercial projects.

To bring you the latest in frameless glazing solutions, IGT has partnered with Dorma of Germany, another world leader and a pioneer in the field of frameless glass fittings. Dorma's superbly engineered range of stainless steel fittings such as spider assemblies and point fixings allow the creation of profile-less glass structures through which you can push the boundaries of design and architecture.

For the best in uPVC based profile systems, IGT has partnered with Veka of Germany to bring you its environment-friendly, low-maintenance and high performing range of uPVC doors and windows. With over 25 subsidiaries spread over three continents, the Veka Group is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC profile systems for windows and doors.