IGT - International Glazing Technologies

Why IGT?

If you're looking for a quality glazing solutions provider for your project – whether residential, institutional or commercial – look no further than IGT.

IGT doesn't just bring you the finest range of glazing profile systems from around the world we add considerable value through our design and workmanship skills and vast range of quality finishing options. We work closely with all the project stakeholders including owners, designers and architects to select the most appropriate solutions and execute the project with high standards of ethics and professionalism.

Our product stable includes full range of framed and frameless solutions for all interior and exteriors applications including doors, windows, partitions, entrance solutions and building facades. We also maintain an exclusive display zone that allows you to get a first hand feel of the final products in a range of quality finishes and colors.

At IGT our motto is not simply to “Live upto customer expectations” but to “Live beyond customer expectations.” Give us a chance to work on your project and you have our assurance that you will be more than satisfied with the end result.